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We built Professional Branded Resumes for 1900+ professionals, senior managers and C-Level Executives. When we asked our clients for their honest experience working with us, here’s what they had to say:

I would definitely recommend you!

Awesome services. Very professional and prompt delivery of the product. I especially liked the social media features as well. I would definitely recommend you!

Debbie Malas
Debbie Malas

Material Coordinator

My perfect resume arrived

I was referred by a friend who was very happy with this company doing his resume, and no doubt so was I. I got a quick response with what is required to create a successful resume, and just a couple of days after I sent an email, voila, my perfect resume arrived, and I got my first interview for the desired position the same day as I submitted my new resume, I am very happy with a result and I look forward to getting that new position I was aiming for!

Florin Vasile

Service Advisor

Quality at a high level.

Had a great experience with Resume Concept. They were concise and efficient whilst keeping the quality at a high level.

Jason McMahon

Managing Director

Outstanding customer service

From the beginning, I was hesitant to use resume writing service since I know a lot about online scams, nonetheless I needed it badly. I decided to search for reputable resume writing companies and I found out about Resume Concept. I contacted them thru email and I also had the chance to speak with Evgeny who provided outstanding customer service so, I chose to go-ahead with Resume Concept.

Happy to say that I have no regrets with my choice as I got more than what I anticipated. All documents including resume , cover letter and LinkedIn profile are written in a way that highpoints my experiences and capabilities. I have also referred a friend who is very happy with her outcome.

Thank you Resume Concept and I will definitely keep using your service again.

Katherine Fareeze

Senior Administrative Officer

Highly recommended!

Resume Concept helped me get my foot in the door for the job I really wanted, I knew that I would be great for the job I just needed an opportunity to show that to the interviewing manager. Resume Modern professionals gave me all the guidance and the support I needed to get me in front of the interviewer and I took it from there. Their interview coach brushed up my interview skills and gave me the tools and confidence to go in there and walk out with a big smile knowing that I did my best. Thanks, you to everyone at Resume Concept for helping me score my dream job!! Highly recommended!
Euguene Ganin

Business Development Agent

Absolutely wonderful experience

Absolutely wonderful experience from information stage to delivered product. Eugene was very helpful and answered all of my questions. Process was quick but thorough. I recommend this service to any professional looking to get a head start in pursuing their career, whatever it may be.

Colin Wingrove

Manager Digital Marketing Specialist