Five Things Hiring Managers Want To Know About You

How do you distill years worth of experience, education and skills down to just two pages?

Trimming down a lengthy resume is one of the biggest obstacles job seekers face.

How do you know what information to keep – and what to toss?

Our answer?

Craft your resume with the Hiring Manager in mind.

Hiring managers need to know specific things about you in order to make the decision to interview you. Even a perfectly laid out resume won’t win interviews if it fails to address these 5 things:

#1 Your Go-To Expertise

Employers hire when they are looking to solve a specific problem or fill a gap in the organization. The Hiring Manager’s job is to find a candidate with the right personality, aptitude and experience to fill the gap.

Your cover letter and resume must clearly demonstrate that you have thought carefully about what the employer is looking for. The clearer you are in describing the specific problem you solve, the easier it is for the Hiring Manager to make the decision to invite you for an interview.

#2 Measurable Accomplishments

It is not enough to simply state the value you add to an organization. Instead, paint a full picture of how you have already executed that value in the past.

Highlight your accomplishments by using specific metrics like dollar figures or percentages. Quantifying your accomplishments shows Hiring Managers that you have contributed to the success of your previous employers.

#3 You are Growth-Oriented

Employers don’t only hire you for the skills you have today, but the skills you will gain in the coming months and years.

Between training, equipment and human resources – hiring new employees is a considerable investment. This upfront cost means employers are looking to hire candidates who will deliver a substantial return on investment. Not only do they want a return – they want it as quickly as possible.

Show Hiring Managers that your value increases over time by highlighting past achievements and promotions.

#4 Industry Experience

Hiring Managers want to know that you understand the challenges and dynamics of their industry.

Even if you do not have direct experience in the industry, you can still demonstrate that you are prepared to handle the problems they face. Before applying for a position, think carefully about problems that are likely to arise. On your resume, show how you have been successful in handling similar problems in the past.

#5 Relevant Skills

The candidates with the most relevant skills have the greatest chance to be invited for an interview. Be sure to read the job posting carefully and qualify all relevant skills on your resume. Highlight degrees, certifications or licenses that are relevant to the position.

Remember that your resume has one job: to secure interviews. Its purpose is not to try and convince the Hiring Manager to hire you. Instead, focus on addressing the five points listed above to maximize your chances of being invited to interview. Once you are invited for an interview, you will have the opportunity to further demonstrate that your skills are transferable.

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Evgeny Efremkin

Entrepreneur, CEO, and a published academic, Evgeny is a professional resume and LinkedIn profile writer. An expert in personal branding, strong online presence, and creating stellar career tools in today's job search, Evgeny writes and consults on strategies in career transitioning, securing higher compensation, enhancing employability, and shortening job searches. Evgeny is known for his unique ability to "sell" (market) professionals on paper and online.