About Us

Evgeny Efremkin, Ph.D

🚀 Launched this Toronto-based firm to help Professionals, Executives, and Freelancers integrate in the local, national, and international labour markets

✅ Me and my team combine high quality writing (all content is generated by PhDs) with high quality marketing tools (latest trends in the HR & Recruitment Industry) to “sell” our clients on paper and online.

We deliver:

➡️ Personal Branding

➡️ Strong Online Presence

➡️ Stellar Career Tools

We guarantee faster career transition, higher compensation, enhanced employability, and shortened job searches.


Our executive, award winning professional writing team consists of:

✅ University Professors (PhDs)

✅ Business Professionals (MBAs)

✅ HR Managers

✅ Professional Resume Writers

✅ Professional Industry Writers, including Business, Legal, Healthcare, Social Assistance, IT, Construction, Oil & Gas, Educational, Finance & Insurance, Public Administration, Real Estate, Retail, Transportation, Engineering, Marketing, Advertising, Hospitality, Logistics, International Affairs and


We adhere to the highest Canadian professional standards and provide legendary customer service. We have an intricate understanding of the vast majority professional fields in Canada. We are known for our success rate, not only our talent. We have helped thousands of our clients achieve their goals. We also extend 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of our products and services. As professional writers, we make sure that your story is presented with professionalism, creativity, and enthusiasm to ensure exposure.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee 💯
We pride ourselves on our post-purchase support, meaning that we stay with you throughout the process until you are completely satisfied with the outcome. Once you receive the final documents, you have a 14-day grace period to request any changes absolutely free. Your writer will work with you to address any of your concerns or needs. We are professional, acclaimed writers and we hold ourselves to the highest working and ethical standards.

60-day Interview Guarantee 👍
We are so confident in our products and services that we guarantee that you will get called for an interview within 60-days, or we will offer you a resume rewrite FREE. We command a 98.7% success rate. We guarantee you will absolutely love your certified resume.

We offer the highest quality of service and document production at the most optimal prices on the market. If you will find a service that boasts similar professional credentials and guarantees as ours we will match the price and, more than that, give you an additional 25% discount to compensate for your time spent researching the competition. Let us assure you however, that we offer a unique writing service with a high caliber professional writing staff and an impressive success rate, which you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.